Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can Google Rankings be Rigged?

You better bet they can; Google rankings can be rigged by anybody, or any company that makes the effort and designs to do so. Hey, it’s not Google’s fault so many people are out to trick the search engines; merely for the benefit of their websites’ rankings...and of course, lest we forget, for fun and profit!

This just in from the Sydney Morning Herald confirming the above, here is the link...

Google must monitor and police over 300 million domain names; it’s pretty obvious that Google is ridiculously out maneuvered, as well as being vastly outgunned by their opposition. Interestingly enough, Google sites in total, handle an estimated 88 billion queries a month, which is roughly two-thirds of the world’s total Internet traffic. Google is a busy boy!

Unfortunately though, no matter how BIG Google thinks it is...the numbers are always going to be in the majorities favor.

In truth, Google doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell! It can only cope and put out the fires here and there as they pop up, and as fast as they can. For sheer survival purposes; and in retaliation, their justice must be quick and deadly. Banishment and the loss of first page rankings is usually the swift sentence that’s given out by Google. The message is crystal clear... woe be to those, who either trespass on Google’s properties, or their corporate intentions.

               Really, it’s no one’s fault that the world, our world, has recently become such a small place to live in. Thousands, even tens of thousands of miles of distance is no longer enough to keep people apart. Our voice and video can instantaneously travel to the other side of the globe; just as easily as it can to the far off regions of outer space. For the first time in our history...we have truly become fully-connected.

               And, it is precisely this connection that Google and any other monopolistic corporate giant, can easily also rig to their advantage.... 

So, I ask, who’s rigging who?

Allow me to offer up some unbiased and personally experienced facts, and not just my humble opinions...

Is just me or my imagination that Google seems to favor and feature its own corporate spin-offs, as a proud parent might, giving them extra Google love, allowing them to place high up in their search engine rankings? I am referring to Google Product Search; Google News; and YouTube; and only because they first come to mind, and for no other reason.

Google is changing the landscape of our lives...but, we should also have a say in what we want to know and how we want to handle ‘the truth’ for ourselves. I am referring to Google’s preponderance, for the sake of a better word, to skew their own results in their own favour.

Google wants to shape the world in their eyes and image...they force me to deal with searches that now involve Google Maps, Google Places, and other business matters first, before my own search needs. Google searches have now become Big Business for Google...and on so many different corporate levels. 

For Google, location, location, location, now means only one thing to me...more money and power for Google, and less money and power for me. So, I say why not take an advantage? So, why not try and outfox Google and maraud their chicken coop whenever I can, and make off with some juicy fat hens?

Why indeed?

Ethics, honor and responsibility...just to name the first few character traits that first come to mind....

It is WE that will shape our world by our own thoughts, actions and decisions. By whom we choose to work with lovingly and caringly; and by the way we connect with other people, because it serves their needs, rather than the self-serving needs of vested corporate interests.

Who do you serve...Google?